Professional Lambda Meter (PLM)

The MoTeC Professional Lambda Meter (PLM) accurately determines exhaust gas mixture strength over a wide range of engine operating conditions with a fast response time. This device has been designed to be quick and easy to use, whilst allowing a calibration engineer all of the power and configurability required for OE emissions development and certification work.

Weighing only 135 gms and with a robust aluminium enclosure it can be conveniently mounted singularly, or in multiples, in almost any application. The operating range of the device is between 0.7 and 32.0 Lambda. For Gasoline/Petrol, this equates to an Air/Fuel Ratio range of 10.3:1 to 470:1.

The display may be set to show Lambda, Air/Fuel Ratio or Equivalence Ratio for any sensor compatible fuel (Gasoline/Petrol, Alcohol, Gas, Diesel or "blend" fuel as defined by the user). The resolution of the display (decimal points), display update rate, display filtering, backlight intensity may all be defined by the user with the Windows setup software provided.

The MoTeC PLM provides a differential Analog Voltage Output that may be connected to an Analog Meter or other measurement instrument such as a Data Logger or Chart Recorder. The output may be defined by the user to be linear or non-linear in relation to the measured units. The PLM also supports 1 megabit Controller Area Network (CAN) and RS232 data links to devices such as the MoTeC Dash Logger or ECU for transmission of sensor and diagnostic data. Comprehensive diagnostics and status channels are provided for.

Please click here for a PDF file of the MoTeC Professional Lambda Meter however you would need to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader first

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